Directed by Ulli Lommel | Year: 2009 | U.S. Distributor: -
Runtime: 90 min | U.S. Rating: -

World premiere at Berlin Film Festival in the Panorama section.


David Carradine

Kill Bill, Death Race 2000

Carolyn Neff

Hopelessly in June

Rusty Joiner

Resident Evil: Extinction, Stuck in Love


Savannah (Carolyn Neff) and Cooper (Rusty Joiner), madly in love with each other, share a traumatic experience from several years back when Savannah was still a child. But just as they seem to have conquered their inner demons, the past catches up on them. Pursued by enigmatic gang leader Raf (David Carradine) and his plans of retaliation and murder, Savannah finds herself caught between absolute passion and absolute evil...

Absolute Evil pits newcomers Carolyn Neff and Rusty Joiner against veteran actor David Carradine (Kill Bill) and Fassbinder icon Ulli Lommel, who also wrote and directed.



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