Boogeyman - Reincarnation



"Boogeyman Chronicles" is a series of eight 45-min. episodes. The first episode is currently in post-production and the series will air 2018 world-wide. It is based on Ulli Lommel's 1980 cult hit "The Boogeyman". The new story line was developed after test audiences in the U.S. and Europe saw various cuts of a diverse series of plot-possibilities and characters entitled "Boogeyman Reincarnation".

The writing team headed by Colin McCracken is currently working on episodes 2 - 8 with the plan to create a total of up to 64 episodes. Lommel has indicated that, even though he directed episode 1, most of the remaining episodes will be directed by several young directors from the U.S, Europe and Asia.

Starring in episode 1 are Skylar Radzion, Laurence R. Harvey, Andreea Boyer and Tristan Risk. It was produced by Frank Dragun, Ulli Lommel and David Bond.

Main credits

Directed by Ulli Lommel | Written by Colin McCracken, Ulli Lommel and David Bond | Produced by Frank Dragun, Ulli Lommel and David Bond
A Hollywood Action House, LLC production


Jenny ... Skylar Radzion
Dylan ... John Blackport
Lorre ... Laurence Harvey
Eric ... Myles Montpetit
Stella ... Andreea Boyer
Norton ... Eric Wigston
Amy ... Amy Burks
Taylor ... Tristan Risk
Ulli Lommel as McDuff

Carl ... Nathan MacDonald
Mickey ... Manda Manuel
Mallory ... Samantha Marcellin
Mona ... Elizabeth V. Aubichon
The Cherokee ... Geo Wasp-Colin
Cherokee's Wife ... Ashley Almon
Tim ... Dylan Marceau
David ... Michael Baron
Pilot ... Matt Grant
2nd Pilot ... Denton Morrell
Executioner ... Thomas Goersch
Evil Girl ... Karina Palmer
Dead Girl ... Steffi Sa Skylar