Statement on Lommel's serial killer movies

I have purposefully chosen a "reality" style, unpolished, intimate and from the POV of the "villains" to let audiences get into the head of the people they want to kill (electric chair etc.) for the crimes they committed. I do not care for what law enforcement etc. thinks or does, we get O.D.'d with their holier than thou POV and stupid practices that are anyway full of lies and deception day and night on TV etc.

But THAT seems to be the problem for many, most of all German authorities, the ones that give out "ratings". They are OK with all the Hollywood studio films that celebrate violence and with Asian violence on screen brilliantly executed on HUGE budgets, THAT'S what I call worshipping violence. They are OK with bankers and oil companies violently disrupting and destroying our lives. If during the Cold War the Soviet Union would have done to the American people what the bankers and/or the oil companied have just done to us, America would've dropped a nuclear bomb on Moscow.

I want violence to come across disturbing and ugly. Not entertaining like many, many major studio films. And I want audiences to experience the wrath and anger and rage of the serial killer first hand. I want them to truly wake up, because the villains they all like to point their fingers at are in us. In the bankers, in the oil companies, in the liars and cheaters and lobbyist, and the true terrorists are pharmaceutic companies that make trillions marketing to innocent victims crap that kills instead of the promised healing. Or tire companies that KNOW that shit won't last and kills and turns over SUVs. And they all get away with it.

My serial killer films, all of them, are social and political statements. And that's what goes on deep down in the primordial soup of the German ratings committees. They feel exposed, they feel guilty, they must feel that they are part of the problem I expose through my films. Just watch any one of them, and all the above and more becomes clear. Whether it's the Abu Graib metaphors in BLACK DAHLIA or the manifesto of the ZODIAC KILLER.

They want to blame ME for the misery of our youth, claiming that the violent outbreaks in schools are due to these kids watching MY movies, when in reality it is THEIR totally bankrupt system, their lies and hypocrisy and double standards and 24-7 marketing consume terror that make our kids feel overwhelmed and with nothing to live for. If anything, the millions of kids that watch films like mine get a release from it and do NOT need to kill anything around them, because it was done for them as a game on screen.

It s neither my depiction of violence, which only shows it the way it is, or porno films that are all VERBOTEN that are the source of misery in our society, but this brutal vulture capitalist society that offers NOTHING of value and vision to our young.

And then they leash out and accuse me of demeaning women with my films, when all I do is show what the rage in the heads of these villains is all about: It's directed towards whatever, and yes, often women, but I didn't invent that, I am just reporting it. I am not ignoring it, I am reporting like any other decent reporter should tell us the truth.

And finally: revealing the "US vs. THEM" mentality as source of evil. One of the reasons my films show the POV of the "villains".

Victim vs. killer...

I frequently hear complaints why I do not make movies about victims of serial killers. What is there to do? To report? It's all too obvious. There is nothing to explore. There is suffering, OK, and great pain, OK, but where is the secret? What's there to explore? Art goes to places where we have no answers, not to find answers, but to put it out in the open, to expose, to provoke. And not to explain. If it were easy to explain, we probably wouldn't have the never ending fascination with it. I am really not so much fascinated by serial killers, i am puzzled by society's insatiable appetite for them, but then, when you confront them with the killer, they attack you for it. Now other directors and producers seem to be quite taken by evil, by killers, and so they portray violence as entertainment. i find that ultimately as evil as the original deeds themselves. OK, Tarentino is brilliant. But sometimes a little too fascinated by evil. Audiences do not seem to mind evil as brilliant and big budget entertainment, but when I show it rough and realistic, and when it becomes nasty and uncomfortable, then society complains. Rating boards freak out. Because it's all too real. they even say I take sides. Pro serial killer. When all I do is report and maybe interpret. I report that violence is sickening. You can get sick watching my serial killer films, even I do, after we edited it and added sound effects etc. to enhance the horror. But that is my clear intent. Violence as entertainment puts us right smack in the arms of concentration camp supervisors. Same job, same pleasure. Now THAT should be "verboten". Obviously I would not have "verboten" anything. All that is, is. It just is.